Play now the classic Sudoku in an excellent app. Unprecedented Sudokus in 5 different levels of difficulty.
Furthermore Sudoku* offers a “DailySudoku”, a master mode, intelligent aid and online-ranking with facebook and twitter connection.
Thanks to this innovative game control and the clever virtual pencil makes the mobile version for iPad, iPhone and iPod simply more fun.
To approve your abilities step by step clear the 5 different levels of difficulty to get to the epic level, there your whole skill will be put to the best.

Two different aids are available. The normal aid shows you the right number green marked and you get points. The intelligent aid will change the entered pencil numbers if you fill in a right number into the Sudoku. If you would like to solve the Sudoku without the normal help you have to swith into the master mode.

Better your points offline oder play online against the best minds in the world. Do you love challenges? Then the “DailySudoku” is the right thing for you. Every day you have the opportunity for a new unique game field in the classic mode and the master mode.

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