About the searching for and finding of animals!

Are you looking for a game for the whole family?
With Animal Match+ you have found exactly what you’re looking for!!!

Animal Match+ will bring a lot of entertaining and exciting hours to your family.
The beautiful animal graphics are particularly well suited for children. They will be educationally entertained, the concentration and memory will be improved. An additional social aspect is added through the possibility of playing the game with multiple players at once.

Animal Match+ is like a classic memory game. At the beginning of a game you can see all animals on the field but every animal is only present once. The players turn over one card from the deck and look for the matching card on the field. You turn over one card, but you have to memorize it. If the animal is not visible, you have to turn around the card with the right animal on it. If you chose the wrong one you will lose one star. But beware the black cat! If you turn this special card over you will lose all your stars and the game.

Our in game helping owl will visually explain the game to you as well – have fun!!

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