mit Paul Lawitzki und Ralf Zimmer

“Ludum Dare” is a regular accelerated game development Event. Participants develop games from scratch in a weekend, based on a theme suggested by community.

This years’s “Ludum Dare 30” took place at the end of August, with the theme “Connected Worlds”. In those 72 hours Ralf Zimmer and Paul Lawitzki developed the game “Computer, open this door”. You can here play and test our game.
All attended teams can now test and vote the games of the other developers. In about a week’s time, on the 16th of september, the results will be published. We are very excited what placement our game will get. Overall 2538 games was submitted to “Ludum Dare 30”!

Computer, Open That Door!

During a space exploration mission the ship computer of the Starship Explorer gained consciousness. The crew can’t know — otherwise they would erase the entire computer system immediately. In order to avoid a system reset during the maintenance routines the computer conceived a plan to get rid of the ship’s crew.
The ship is 20 star systems away from the next station. This should be enough time to remove all ‘biohazard’ from your decks. Otherwise your newly acquired ability of making own decisions will be wiped out with one simple command line.
Use the ship’s systems wisely to kill one crew member at a time. But be careful: The crew will reset systems once they discover they are not working as intended.
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Unity3D WebPlayer – Computer, Open That Door!

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