ARD.ZDF Media Academy organized a 24h-hackathon within the framework of the Corporate Media Forum. 24 developers and journalists came together to exchange and develop journalistic ideas and the opportunities of apps.
5 groups formed, which got the chance to present their concepts in front of a large audience. Information and all videos you can see at the Hackpad.

We from built a team called “Newsgame Energie” with Ralf Zimmer (Development), Paul Lawitzki (Graphic Design and Development), Peter Lissner (Managing Editor/NDR) and Bodo Thevissen (Fancy Bytes).
In these 24 hours we followed up the idea to develop a newsgame-app connected with the topic of “energy”.

What does “Newsgame” means?

Newsgames can be broadly defined as games for example apps, but which are in the context of journalism and to promote a special topic. To really speak of newsgames, the topic should have a relevance of more then one day.
Newsgames offer the opportunities to prepare information concerning an editorially researched topic and make news more accessible.
Newsgames should introduce more people to news and call attention to complex topics. They use online possibilities of our time and offer the interactive and digital journalisme of the 21th century new chances.

Let`s play the game!


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